Construction Projects: Selecting the Most Suitable Skip Bin Company

If you are starting a new construction project in your commercial or residential property, it is critical to think about your waste management strategy. Poor handling of waste will cause accumulation of materials that could be hazardous in your worksite. In addition, this rubbish will lower the aesthetics of your property, which is unfavourable if the space is still in use. The most advantageous way to deal with this problem is hiring a skip bin for the duration of the project. Basically, the company will provide the container and collect the construction waste when the skip bin is filled. Therefore, this requires no significant initial investment and the hire business will handle disposal responsibilities. Here are the aspects that you should consider before engaging any skip bin company.

Range of Skip Bins

You should always inquire about the range of skip bins provided by a waste management company before signing a contract for hire. In simple terms, you should ensure that the containers available can accommodate your requirements. Consider the size of the bins in terms of volume and weight capacity. An ideal waste container for construction waste should be large due to the high volume of waste accrued over a short period. Moreover, ensure that the weight limitation is reasonable especially when handling concrete, rocks and soil. Suitable bins should have drop doors to allow wheeling in of waste, or you can choose an enclosed alternative for less intense requirements.

Hazardous Waste Handling

If you are performing extensive renovations on your old building, you should consider selecting a company that handles hazardous waste for their clients. This is particularly critical for large commercial structures or any building that contains asbestos as a building material. Generally, some skip bin companies will not handle any material that is classified as hazardous waste. Those that can handle the risks will not allow hazardous materials to be mixed in with other normal items. Therefore, you will need to request for special collection and disposal services for the individual waste products. Additionally, inquire about the handling requirements, such as sealing fibrous materials like asbestos or dehydrating potentially combustible materials.

Pricing Structure

Finally, you should think about the cost implications of the skip bin service. Ask for the complete pricing structure so that you can compare the financial factors. For instance, compare the difference between hiring a single bin and two alternatives that make up the same volume. In addition, inquire about any special hazardous disposal charges, violations penalty fees and overtime charges.